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Rob Sutherland rob-HoWcdTCbwWKHoZZAE0nKLw at
Tue Nov 29 15:56:12 UTC 2005

Stewart C. Russell wrote:

> Rob Sutherland wrote:
>> ... maybe there are some Cyber-Hutterites out there.
> I know there's at least one reader of this list allied with the 
> Catholic Worker House (Tom, or Don - are you there?) who might have 
> the knowledge. I've also got a couple of colleagues who'll be working 
> on a wind project on Hutterite community in SK next week -- they could 
> ask around.
> Keeping with the anabaptist/CMS theme -- though I know it doesn't do 
> what you need -- the Mennonite CMS (Caravel) is quite pretty. Certain 
> affiliates of this list would applaud that its default backend DB is 
> PostgreSQL.
Thanks - I hadn't come across Caravel before, it does look nice. I was 
thinking that a kibbutz would also fit this model and
I know Israel has a thriving FOSS community, so that's another lead I'll 
check out.

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