Where can I buy a linux-friendly laptop?

Evan Leibovitch evan-ieNeDk6JonTYtjvyW6yDsg at public.gmane.org
Sun Nov 20 15:22:52 UTC 2005

Walter Dnes wrote:

>  I'm still at the "kicking-tires" stage, and probably won't buy until
>the new year.  I willing to buy a generic Taiwanese no-name laptop,
>versus a generic Taiwanese laptop with a Dell sticker and a Windows
>licence<g>.  http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/43550/ explains
>  http://www.sub500.com looks interesting, but the mention of a
>"Linspire-compatable 56K modem" is worrisome.  I'd like a real modem
>please.  Linux can handle a PCI modem without problems if you set one
>parameter when compiling the kernel.  I don't want to worry about
>whether or not a binary "winmodem" driver is available for whatever
>kernel of Gentoo I'm running.
If you're insisting on a laptop with a built-in modem that isn't a 
Winmodem, good luck. I don't think one exists. Some laptop Winmodems are 
better supported by Linux than others, but they're all Winmodems.

If you want a good (ie, not Winmodem) modem for your laptop, the best 
bet is the Multimodem USB modem 
(http://www.multitech.com/PRODUCTS/Families/MultiMobileUSB/). The 
company is reasonably Linux friendly.

- Evan

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