Not just desktops; too many libraries as well

Kevin Cozens kcozens-qazKcTl6WRFWk0Htik3J/w at
Sat Nov 19 16:22:59 UTC 2005

Stewart C. Russell wrote:
> 6GB, surely.

That makes more sense. I run FC4 with a 5G root partition. I only have 
around 200 to 300 Meg free space right now due to having decided to install 
both Gnome and KDE desktops. I only installed both so I could take a look 
at KDE since I hear it so many references to it being used these days in 
magazines and such. I still haven't gotten around to looking at KDE yet but 

Without KDE installed I would have around 800 to 1G free space.


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