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Sat Nov 19 15:49:16 UTC 2005

Howard Gibson wrote:
> In most, if not all, current word processors, most formats you do apply 
> to the current paragraph.  You control the your document from a style 
> sheet.  Style sheets actually are a good idea, only the implementation 
> is bad.  Open Office has faithfully copied Microsoft's obfuscated 
> interface.

Even if Open Office is based on stylesheets a reveal codes feature would
still be possible. When you invoke "reveal codes" it would show you where 
the style sheet codes were placed and allow you to click on the style sheet 
codes to access the style sheet code editor where you would be able to see 
exactly what codes were assigned for that style sheet entry.

BTW, WordPerfect supports something equivalent to (or the same as?) style 
sheets. The use of styles in WP doesn't cause a problem with the "reveal 
codes" feature.

> I like LaTeX, and I am delighted that there is now a latedx2rtf 
> converter.  It ought to be possible to make a LaTeX to Microsoft Word 
> converter.

Looks like you may be able to do what you want now. I just pulled up a .rtf
file in Open Office Writer and what I saw looked the same as it did in the
MS Word Viewer. A simple save to MS Word format and you then have the last
part of your conversion chain.


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