Not just desktops; too many libraries as well

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On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 17:19:34 -0500
"Walter Dnes" <waltdnes at walth
>   Thanks to every app having a different dependancy, when you install
> half-a-dozen apps, you've probably installed 4 honking big libraries, in
> addition to the apps.  I installed my first linux on a beat up old 120
> mhz Pentium Pro machine with 32 megs of RAM and a 2 gig harddrive, and
> had room left over to play with data.  Today, my *OS PARTITION* occupies
> approx 2 gigs.  That's with the Gentoo distfiles deleted, and only 1
> kernel in /usr/src.


   Fedora Core 3 is something over 6MB.  My Pentium 233 laptop with 64MB RAM and a 4GB hard drive is working fine, but I have no plans to upgrade it past Red Hat_8.

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