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>The difference is that we didn't hear rumours for Lotus 123 to the
>effect that "You haven't finished the next release of Windows until
>you make Lotus 123 stop working."

You are extremely mistaken there. I very often heard and saw in print the
poetic rhyming expression:

"Windows isn't done ...
until 1-2-3 won't run!"


Lotus Development Corporation bragged that the U.S. federal government had
adopted 1-2-3 as one of 3 (three) software packages for testing 100%
compatibility with a genuine IBM Personal Computer. One of the other two
was Flight Simulator, and I don't remember the other.

I thought that Lotus was being idiotic for interpreting as desirable
1-2-3's dependence on precise hardware compatibility with a genuine IBM
Personal Computer, and failure to run properly on anything less than 100%
compatible PC. It made 1-2-3 fail on personal computers which were only 90%
compatible, reducing its market share possibilities. Worse, it made 1-2-3
incompatible with a virtualized environment, such as OS/2 or Windows. To
operate on a virtualized environment, Lotus Development Corporation would
have to make widespread changes in design of how to accomplish results.

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