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On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Franco Saliola wrote:

> It's that time of year again. Gift-buying season.
> So I have this friend that is slowly coming round to installing linux
> on his 64bit laptop. We will be setting up his machine for dual boot
> in January, once some big December deadlines are out of the way.
> However, one of his complaints about linux is its lack of games. Now,
> rumour has it that there are some great games available for linux. But
> my favourite video game is Ms Pacman (with the speedup hack, so she is
> moving much faster than all the ghosts), so my knowledge of video
> games doesn't extend much further than MAME.
> Anyone have some suggestions for some linux games that would really
> impress a PC (Windows) gamer? And as it's a gift, I don't mind paying
> for the game.
> Thanks in advance.
> Franco

Quake 4 that is the state of the art of the computer gaming
industry, just released days ago, is available on Linux:

I'm suspect it doesn't run on his laptop, for apparent reason of
the graphics card.


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