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Thu Nov 17 06:54:19 UTC 2005

On 11/16/05, Imran . <imranqau-PkbjNfxxIARBDgjK7y7TUQ at> wrote:
> Okay. Problem is solved. I looked at router's routing table and i am
> wondering why it was like this?
> Now, look at the router's routing table below. network
> is directly connected. However, for it got a gateway
> address through ICMP redirect So in order to reach this
> sytem it was trying the gateway Now i am wondering how
> this ICMP redirect happened? does it have to do something with
> security?
> So i just reset router settings and now it doesn't have as
> gateway for So now both linux and windows are working
> fine. however, i should have saved router's log but i forgot. i have
> firewalled disabled on router. should i turn it on?

It pretty much needs to be your decision;  Each component in your
network has an effect on the overall security of your machines (and
data).  The way I look at it is that the router is pretty much the
front door, I'd rather keep it locked.  Lotsa bad guys out there.  :(

After I finally started getting a handle on linux and got a my first
good and solid machine built I got hacked through an open ftp port
(highspeed timer exploit).  The only thing that saved the now
installed rootkit from sending reams and _reams_ of information about
my machine to a hotmail address was that I hadn't configured sendmail
yet.  Lol.  (That was the day I fell in love with sendmail.)

Anyway, I found out about it (root got the email) and decided it was
time for me to learn something about security.

In the meantime, and mad as h***, I sent a relatively polite email to
the hotmail address - curious how it was done.  Took me a while to
find out because the next day my linux wouldn't boot.  At all.

Now I try to lock things down.  I lost months and months of work to
that incident.

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