Network Problem Solved but.....

Imran . imranqau-PkbjNfxxIARBDgjK7y7TUQ at
Thu Nov 17 01:29:40 UTC 2005

Okay. Problem is solved. I looked at router's routing table and i am 
wondering why it was like this?
First let me tell u my network settings:
IP address of Router :
IP address of Laptop:
IP address of 2nd PC :  (Problematic)

Now, look at the router's routing table below. network is 
directly connected. However, for it got a gateway address 
through ICMP redirect So in order to reach this sytem it was 
trying the gateway Now i am wondering how this ICMP redirect 
happened? does it have to do something with security?

here is a part of routing table:
Flags Network Address 	   Netmask		     Gateway 		Interface
I 	€9x€܀9X€!܀9L
C 	         directly 		   LAN
I	€9x€܀9X€!܀9L

Flags :  C - directly connected, S - static, R - RIP, I - ICMP Redirect
So i just reset router settings and now it doesn't have as gateway 
for So now both linux and windows are working fine. however, 
i should have saved router's log but i forgot. i have firewalled disabled on 
router. should i turn it on?

thanks everybody,

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