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Thu Nov 17 01:21:49 UTC 2005

Imran . wrote:
> 3 days ago i just had to turn computer on and i was on the internet. 
> Now, one computer is fine. I just powerup the computer and its connected 
> to the internet.
> Problem is 2nd computer. When Linux boots up, it says bringing up eth0  
> .......... OK
> When system is up, i do "ifconfig" and computer has IP address 
> assigned by router. I do "route -n" and my router 
> ( is setup as default gw. I can ping my other computer 
> ( However,although IP address is assigned using DHCP by 
> my router. by I CANNOT PING MY ROUTER ( and i cannot go to 
> any webpage.

I had something odd happen to me with my router. I set up two computers to use 
a router. When I tried to use my PDA with the router it wouldn't work. The 
router log files showed the connect attempts from the PDA. It turned out that 
MAC filtering had gotten turned on in the router somehow. At least I didn't 
remember enabling it.

I would check the log files of the router to see if it tells you anything 
about the attempts to ping the router or access the Internet from the 2nd 
machine. You should also check the filter and permission settings of the router.


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