Novell will (continue to) support KDE after all

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Wed Nov 16 11:39:56 UTC 2005

On 11/16/05, Peter <plp-ysDPMY98cNQDDBjDh4tngg at> wrote:
> Now the next step would be to somehow make the powers that be realize
> this and act accordingly (esp. in IT). The jokes about 'if Windows would
> be a car/airplane etc' are abundant but most people do not realize that
> they may depend *more* on a stuck Windows server or desktop, or lost
> data, somewhere in health insurance, government, air travel, police, or
> their employer's HR department than on their car!!! is a good start.  :-)

> > Windows itself may not be the "product of Intelligent Design," but I'm
> > fairly certain it's continued survival and proliferation is.  The
> > long-standing dominance of Window's in the business world could thus,
> > perhaps, be described a little better as being "a by-product of
> > Intelligent Design."
> Or of genetic selection that leads to the optimization of income by
> territorial expansion at the expense of everything else. A valid
> strategy for first-order logic governed organisms and processes. Like
> fermentation, wildfires, amoebas, bacteria, and dinosaurs.
> Combined with what I wrote above, an 'organism' genetically selected to
> please as many buyers as possible is implicitly one selected *against*
> best solving individual problems, and almost designed such that it
> *cannot* solve problems governed by a higher order logic (by logic here
> I mean the logic of organization, clustering, networking etc, not logic
> used in the mathematical or algorythmic sense).

Mathematical logic and algorythms do explore organization, clustering,
and networking though.  Complexity theory looks at this.

(For a plain english introduction to complexity theory, see also Ian
Stewarts "Nature's Numbers".  A quick google search also turned up
this review:

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