Shoaib Tanvir/IS_TS/TSE is out of the office.

Shoaib.Tanvir-PECG488IMTY at Shoaib.Tanvir-PECG488IMTY at
Thu Nov 10 18:30:27 UTC 2005

Once again I apologize for the out of office messages.

I forgot to enable the exception for the list and was duly taken to task 
by some irate members.  My apologies for wasting their time and bandwidth!

However, I was taken by surprise that my mail client kept sending those 
messages to the list over and over again. My understanding was that an 
auto-reply is sent only once to a given mail address. Then again, Lotus 
Notes is not a very robust application.

I do not have the option to use web mail at work and since I work long 
hours, it is not always convenient to sift through e-mails late night at 

Well at least my goof off provided an opportunity for some to have a good 


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