Sendmail vs postfix

CLIFFORD ILKAY clifford_ilkay-biY6FKoJMRdBDgjK7y7TUQ at
Wed Nov 9 20:41:13 UTC 2005

On November 9, 2005 15:16, Ansar Mohammed wrote:
> Is there anyplace I can get a comparison between sendmail and
> postfix usage? I am basically looking for a netcraft type report on
> number of hosts worldwide.

What would it prove if one was is more popular than the other? 
Sendmail has been around much longer and undoubtedly has a bigger 
installed base. The reason for existence for Exim, qmail, and Postfix 
is that Sendmail is reputed to be notoriously complex to configure 
and has had a spotty record with respect to security.

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