Reminder: GNOME and Ubuntu talk: Jeff Waugh in Toronto

Behdad Esfahbod behdad-26n5VD7DAF2Tm46uYYfjYg at
Sun Nov 6 18:52:46 UTC 2005

Just a reminder that Jeff Waugh is talking tomorrow at 7:30 in
UofT's Bahen center.

The event is kindly sponsored by CLUE, and the Iranian Students'
Union at UofT.


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Subject: GNOME and Ubuntu talk: Jeff Waugh in Toronto

Jeff Waugh brings the BadgerBadgerBadger tour [1] to town, and
talks about all the amazing things happening in the GNOME and
Ubuntu projects, from the new multimedia framework of the GNOME
project, to the .NET application development environment for the
Linux desktop, to the GNOME project deployment on the Nokia
internet tablet devices.  Expect a high wow-factor and lots of
Ubuntu CDs and stickers.

  Where: BA1170, Bahen Building, 40 St George St, Toronto.
  When:  Monday November 07, 7:00--9:00PM.

We probably go for a drink/dinner afterwards.  Please forward to
interested parties, lists, newspapers, etc.


By day, Jeff Waugh works on Ubuntu business and community
development for Canonical. By night, he rides shotgun on the
GNOME release juggernaut and plots the Open Source blogging
explosion with Planet. Waugh is an active member of the Free
Software community, holding positions such as GNOME Release
Manager (2001-2005), Director of the GNOME Foundation Board
(2003-2005), president of the Sydney Linux User's Group
(2002-2004), and member of the 2001 organising
team.  Jeff was awarded the Google-O'Reilly Open Source
Evangelist Award for his contribution go Ubuntu and GNOME
projects this last Summer. He is a card-carrying member of Linux
Australia, but does not say "mate".

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