KWLUG Meeting Monday: Audacious Puppy Version Control (fwd)

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Sun Nov 6 02:23:23 UTC 2005

	Hi. I'm from the Kitchener-Waterloo Linux Users Group. Recently
Bill T asked me to crosspost our meeting announcements to the TLUG list,
and to get the TLUG (and newTLUG?) announcements posted to the KWLUG
discussion list, so that people can attend LUG meetings in other cities.

	My understanding is that eventually the hope is to get a
centralized mailing list to which all the southern Ontario LUGs and open
source groups can post their announcements. Until then, here you go.

- Paul


	Hello November!

	This month's LUG presentation is a harvest treat, a delicate mix
of flavours dancing on your palate. What better way to celebrate the dying
leaves and impending snows than curling up with friends and family and
listening to some interesting Linux presentations?

	2 parts Version Control Systems: CVS (presented by Chris Frey)
	  and Subversion (presented by Andrew Cant)
	1 part Puppy Linux, a lightweight, desktop-oriented, popular
	  Linux distro (presented by Raul Suarez)
	1 part Audacity, the open-source sound editing application
	  (presented by John Kerr)
	1 part Linux Video (this month: "Managing Files and Directories")


	0. Show up at the meeting location:
The Working Centre,
43 Queen Street South
(Between King and Charles Streets)
	(Photos and maps of The Working Centre can be found on our

	1. If desired, show up at 6pm and watch the exciting Linux
training video.

	2. Be here by 7pm. Listen to the presentation. Mix liberally. Ask
questions. Have fun.

	3. Solicit requests for future presentations and coerce people
into volunteering as presenters (Linux Christmas toys, anyone?)

	4. Maybe listen to more presentations, depending on how the MC
schedules things.

	5. Conclude with your brain full and heart happy. If so inclined,
go to Zeke's afterwards.

SERVES: All of us who go to the meeting.

	It's all good!
- Paul
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