Any tutorial on the mysteries of .Xresources file?

Sacha Chua sacha-ctE++fEYmiYdc6zLPptBHg at
Fri Nov 4 06:42:43 UTC 2005

"Walter Dnes" <waltdnes-SLHPyeZ9y/tg9hUCZPvPmw at> writes:

> display -font -misc-fixed-medium-o-normal--0-0-75-75-c-0-iso8859-1 original.tif
> ...each time I start the program.  Yes, I can use gqview, but I'd like
> display*font: -misc-fixed-medium-o-normal--0-0-75-75-c-0-iso8859-1

You might need to xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources after changing it. has a
brief introduction.

Not sure if display's buggy when it comes to ~/.Xresources:

  [magick-users] No .Xresources acknowledged by `display'?? (1/2004, no reply)

In the meantime, there's also the low-tech solution: use an alias. =)

Hope that helps!

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