Mac Open Source?

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Tue Nov 1 15:17:48 UTC 2005

On Nov 1, 2005, at 9:06 AM, Rob Sutherland wrote:

> I have to go and teach a Mac guy how to maintain his site and I'd like 
> to take a selection of Mac
> open source programs over there with me. I'm looking for basic 
> webmaster tools, ftp etc. - anyone have
> any pointers?

Assuming OS X (and one would hope!), you're going to find lots of stuff 
already available.  Newer releases keep getting better at having the 
expected tools in place right out of the box.  It's really a BSD system 
with a reasonably sane GUI, right?  Make sure that his installation 
included the development tools disk to make life easier for 

If there are specific tools critical to you, I can check for you, but...
[B-W-OSX:~] phil% which curl
[B-W-OSX:~] phil% which ftp
[B-W-OSX:~] phil% which apachectl
[B-W-OSX:~] phil% which perl
[B-W-OSX:~] phil% which python
[B-W-OSX:~] phil% which ssh

If there's something truly esoteric needed, you could look at the 
'fink' system, which gives a sort-of apt-like access to OSS, but I'd 
say just as a last resort since it doesn't integrate well with the 
distributed software.

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