debian dependecy hell

Peter L. Peres plp-ysDPMY98cNQDDBjDh4tngg at
Sat Jul 31 15:12:06 UTC 2004

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Lennart Sorensen wrote:

>> I am giving up on this distro for now.
> Well your loss.  It's not the system's fault when you tell it to do
> something unusual, and then don't know what to do when it needs help to
> continue doing the unusual thing.

'giving up' is relative. It is still running (I am posting from it), it's 
just hard to shoehorn it into doing what I need. Basically nothing is 
broken, but kde is deinstalled (it depended on the library I forced in).

On Slack if you need 5 versions of a library you install them and they 
coexist. I still have a 1.2.13 system running and I know this. There is no 
similar system on Debian ?


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