Bash issue

Gilles Fourchet gilles.fourchet-zzOxFVvAfJPQT0dZR+AlfA at
Fri Jul 30 21:04:36 UTC 2004

William Park wrote:

>    /usr/share/firefox_0.9.1/mozilla-xremote-client -a firefox "ping ()"
>    REMOTE="/usr/lib/mozilla/mozilla-xremote-client -a firefox"
>    $REMOTE "ping ()"
>are identical.
I agree.  Actually, my first idea was to include the "-a firefox" in the 
REMOTE variable.  But, if I do that, I get a "Usage: 
mozilla-xremote-client [COMMAND]" during the execution and it goes 
directly to the else (where it is supposed to go if Firefox is not 
running yet).

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