OT: evil realnetworks

Fraser Campbell fraser-eicrhRFjby5dCsDujFhwbypxlwaOVQ5f at public.gmane.org
Fri Jul 30 12:55:24 UTC 2004


Apple is accusing Realnetworks of resorting to hacker ethics and tactics, what 
an evil bunch of people must reside at realnetworks!  Imagine letting users 
of Real's software and music site transfer songs to an iPod, how dare anyone 
but apple do that!  Words like DMCA are being thrown around though it doesn't 
sound like there's a lawsuit yet.  The story was in the national post but 
isn't available online so here is a different version ... 

In other example of astounding innovation, Microsoft has patented methods for 
displaying pictures organized by their date.  Wow, I can't wait for that one, 
I'd post a URL but I've wasted enough bytes for today.

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