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Marc Lijour wrote:
> Le July 23, 2004 01:20 pm, Zbigniew Koziol a écrit :
>>CRM (Customer Relationship Management) by MS is a quite complex and ugly
>>.NET  program. But interesting for me (everything new is interesting;)
>>The version I work on (1.0) does not have good documentation available.
>>MS has though documentation for version 1.2 but these both are quite
>>different. There are however XML files related to DLLs, and these files
>>describe functionality of libraries used by the software.
>>Is there a sort of tool around (sure, for Linux better) which could be
>>used for creating let say a collection of HTML files from these XML
>>ones, to make my reading easier? I am must admit quite new to xml.
> Of course.
> Use XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language  Transformation, if I'm right).

Yes, XSLT will probably be the easiest. It shouldn't be difficult to
write an XSLT stylesheet to extract the relevant information (it may not
be pretty, but readable). Look around and see if you can find a
stylesheet for the XML files; that would be good.

If you can't find a pre-made stylesheet on the web, take a look at the
XML files, and figure out which tags mean what (heading, etc.). Then
read <http://www.ibiblio.org/xml/books/bible2/chapters/ch17.htm> which
is a sample chapter from "The XML Bible 2nd edition". This chapter has
everything you need to know about writing XSLT.

Finally, get a program such as "xsltproc", and use it to apply the
stylesheet to the XML document. For example:

$ xsltproc -o file.html stylesheet.xsl file.xml

My 2c.

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