debian dependecy hell

Peter L. Peres plp-ysDPMY98cNQDDBjDh4tngg at
Thu Jul 29 15:13:38 UTC 2004

On Wed, 28 Jul 2004, Tim Writer wrote:

> "Peter L. Peres" <plp-ysDPMY98cNQDDBjDh4tngg at> writes:
>> Hi all,
>> I am stuck again by the debian (in)dependency problem. I am trying to compile
>> a non-deb package that depends on a lot of stuff, but said stuff in turn
>> depends on other things, and there is a large amount of dependency
>> mismatches.
> Dependency mismatches in what sense?  Unless you're trying to build a .deb,
> I'm not aware of any kind of dependency mechanism/toolset beyond the
> traditional trial and error approach.  IOW, read the docs, install packages
> you're sure are needed, run "configure" (or whatever), and resolve any
> complaints by installing appropriate packages.

Thanks for answering. I mostly did what you suggest but the installation 
of some development libs requires that I upgrade major (major major) 
libraries on my system. So I'd like to get the devel libs that go with the 
existing libs, so they will not be upgraded. I.e. what devel package goes 
with what lib etc.

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