Adding a bind nameserver to Netware 6.5 / eDirectory

Michael Coburn michael-3aH0qR8MVRD3fQ9qLvQP4Q at
Tue Jul 27 13:05:50 UTC 2004

Hi, this might be a little off-topic and I apologise for that.

Is there a way to add a linux DNS server (running bind) as a valid NS
record on Netware 6.5?  My Netware admin is telling me that you need to
add eDirectory as a service on the linux machine, so that it becomes an
object in the tree, and then can be added.  Is this the only way?

We have an issue at our office, where the four of our Netware machines'
DNS service hung yesterday, and the only machine still resolving
internally was our debian stable box.  My understanding of DNS is that
you're _supposed_ to list in the zonefile all machines that will be
serving up said zone as NS records, but Netware (via ConsoleOne) won't
let us add it.  The debian server's ip is being handed out by dhcp as a
nameserver for use by our clients (WinXP systems), for both the internal
zone -- it operates as a secondary -- and for resolving external
addresses.  Other than reported "slow browsing" from our clients, the
network remained functional.  

The admin's suggestion I'm sure would work, but it would involve us
migrating to another distro (SuSE Enterprise or Red Hat Enterprise). 
We've grown to be quite happy running debian in production and I would
really hate to leave it.  Any suggestions?
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