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Tue Jul 27 12:46:04 UTC 2004

On Mon, Jul 26, 2004 at 06:27:43PM -0400, Moniz Family wrote:
> About a year ago, I spent hours trying to configure an isapnp modem 
> using isapnptools, only to notice that the card was being recognized at 
> boot and what I was doing was changing the configuration to something 
> that didn't work. I guess the first thing is to see if the card is 
> recognized before using isapnptools.

Yeah as long as PnP OS installed is turned off in the BIOS, the BIOS
should do its job and configure all pnp devices to something sensible.
in the case of modem/serial devices, that means to some valid serial
port with a non conflicting irq (which setserial auto_irq autoconfig
with ttyS2 or ttyS3 as the device) can then make fully work.  If it
happens to be ttyS1, well then there is nothing to do since it would
just be a regular com2.

Sound cards you would have to somehow figure out what settings it was
assigned, but could then just load the drivers with those settings.

I think I do personally prefer the 2.4+ kernel way of dealing with it,
although I think PCI devices are even better. :)

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