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Hi Aaron,

You probably want to use the "gcc" compiler under Linux, since it seems
to be the most popular one. I'll even bet that your Linux system already
has it installed!

"Dev C++" is actually an IDE, not a compiler. In fact, it uses the
Windows version of the "gcc" compiler to do its dirty work. An IDE
(Integrated Development Environment) includes an editor, compiler,
debugger, etc. You can use a separate editor (i.e. vi, emacs, kwrite) to
do the coding, gcc to compile, gdb to debug, etc.

However, if you ARE looking for an IDE on Linux (which does make life
easier in the beginning), a good IDE I would recommend is KDevelop from
the KDE project. However, it's always good to learn the underlying tools
such as gcc, gdb, etc. And an IDE can be distracting at times. So choose
for yourself.

As for the differences between the OSs...
C is a standard, so the basic language (and the standard libraries I
believe) are the same between Windows and Linux. The differences are in
how you interact with the system (kernel), certain file I/O and certain
networking functions.

Of course if you are planning to write graphical applications, the
difference is huge, but take it one step at a time :)

As Hooman said, Linux is probably the best to learn the basics of C.

Aaron Sorensen wrote:
> Hi I got a book to learn to program C (Sam's teach your self C in 21
> days 5th) and i looked at the CD that came with it and the compiler is
> called Dev c++ bloodshed or something its under windows and i was
> wondering if Linux had a good compiler like bloodshed and that was under
> the ANSI ISO/iec 9899:1999.
> and a nother question i have is whats the diffrents form windows and
> linux programing and should i stick to learning in windows and try linux
> when i get better or should i learn in linux???
> thanks for helping me out

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