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Scott Elcomb Scott.Elcomb-iRg7kjdsKiH3fQ9qLvQP4Q at
Thu Jul 22 00:44:47 UTC 2004

> linux doesn't care what name you give yourself.  it only cares what number you 
> are, so that's why these UID's are so important.  if you want to know what 
> your UID is, just do this:
> in the case of this ugliness, you might have to look at NIS (look it up on the 
> linux documentation project) or, probably easier, a simple script that 
> updates all the file ownerships upon transfer.  something like this:

Maybe keep (and rsync for backup :-) a flatfile table of host:uid pairs
on the key?

I   would  say that I don't see it and a perl script being terribly
difficult to setup...  but saying things like that seems to get
Murphey's attention.

- Scott.


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