rsyncing feeling

David J Patrick davidjpatrick-rieW9WUcm8FFJ04o6PK0Fg at
Thu Jul 22 00:16:02 UTC 2004

rsync !
Just what I need to keep my USB-key files in sync with the laptop and 
the desktop.
But what's this ? A fly in my ointment ! A big hairy one !
It's name is "permissions"; I have no idea how to reconcile files for 
users of multiple systems.
It seems not to be enough that "dave" is the log-in name on all 
machines, or that he is a member of the "office" group. I know this must 
be absurdly simple, and long dealt with, un unix days of old. but, once 
again, I could use a clue.
thank you,
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