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Sat Jul 17 01:29:29 UTC 2004

On Friday 16 July 2004 12:17 pm, Aaron Sorensen wrote:
> ok i acept u have to pay for win4lin and since im not getting it im
> woundering about wine is there a how to an what its capible of thats up
> to date with it.
> i downlaoded wine and on a .rpm and it installed and i cant get it to
> work and dont realy help much in setting it up

When you download it do it as a user.
Then su to get root privileges.
# rpm -iv wine-lateat version.rpm
# winhelp 
this creates a directory /home/user/.wine
It also installs several subdirectories like dosdevices/ and drive_c/  
(It is assumed here that you have a windows file system on your first 
The subdirectory drive_c has two subdirectories windows/ and Program Files/
Open /mnt/win_c
locate the program you would like to run under wine.
e.g Freecell  you will find in /Windows/System32/freecell.exe
copy it to the created dir Program files.
# exit     (this gets you back to user)
select Konqueror or your favored browser and locate freecell.exe  int the 
directory tree of .wine
click on it and drag it to your desktop
close your browser, then click on the icon for freecell.
play and enjoy!
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