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Thu Jul 15 22:44:37 UTC 2004

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 20:57:02 -0400
Chris Aitken <aitken-BwLjziHGQLusTnJN9+BGXg at> wrote:

> I'm getting "Failed to connect to server" trying to use 
> my dial-up account from knoppix 3.4 (hard-disk install). What did I 
> change before the problem started? Well, i tried to configure eth0. What 
> that has to do with the dial-up device I can't imagine. The  server is 
> fine -- I'm emailing from my account from another machine.
> At one point it was reported that another pppd process was running. I 
> did kill -9 [PID} on several pppd processes.
> At another point I got
> PPP Log
> /var/log/syslog.ppp
> /var/log/sylog
> /var/log/messages
> I'm connected but the server connection fails (whatever te difference 
> is) -- by my email browser or webmail -- so it really does seem to be 
> the server -- but it's not as I am able to access it from my other machine.
> Chris

Depending on your installation chioce you may need to configure PPP again. One way requires you to continue to configure eveytime you boot. The other is that this information is saved. 

This is a short coming of Knoppix however I'm quite sure there is a work around. One way is to not shut down your machine or reboot. 

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