To be cruel?

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Thu Jul 15 02:32:55 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-12 at 07:41, James Knott wrote:
> Colin McGregor wrote:
> > I have got a Staples customer loyalty card which means from time to time I
> > get mailing with "special" offers. The most recent offer is for a "Free PC
> > or Laptop Tune-up" which along with some hardware checks includes:
> > 
> > - computer virus risk analysis
> > - windows maintenance
> > - task bar clean-up
> > - performance recommendations
> > 
> > So question is do I take in my Debian based laptop, or do I take in my
> > Fedora based mini-tower :-) ? Also, I would wonder how many people take in
> > Macintoshes running OS X (read dressed up FreeBSD boxes :-) ).
> Whichever you take, make sure you do a backup first!

"Sir, I'm sorry to report that we had to reformat your computer to
perform Windows maintenance.  It appears that your computer had a virus
that prevented Windows from loading and instead loaded some unidentified
program which never seemed to crash and wouldn't allow us to load the
virus scanning software.  Must have been a very well written virus."

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