Epiloge: Weird networking problem

Marcus Brubaker marcus.brubaker-H217xnMUJC0sA/PxXw9srA at public.gmane.org
Tue Jul 13 19:29:06 UTC 2004

Well, thanks for everyones responses and suggestions.  The result is
that, finally, our ISP (Look) has admitted it is a problem on their end
and they've given us a new static IP which is working well.  What the
problem on their end was, I don't know and I'm not sure they do either. 
My hunch is some kind of broken router somewhere but that's just a
guess.  I have, however, learnt a valuable lesson lesson from all this. 
Weekend tech support people are not, generally, competent.  The people I
spoke to on Friday (when we first reported the problem) and Monday (when
it was finally resolved) were both competent and understanding.

Thanks again to everyone.

Marcus Brubaker <marcus.brubaker-H217xnMUJC0sA/PxXw9srA at public.gmane.org>

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