FC2/Sound Blaster Live! (emu10k1) problem

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Tue Jul 13 03:58:17 UTC 2004

Hi all,

  Forgive me up front for not being as detailed as I normally try to be. I
am trying to help a friend out who has just switched to Linux (Fedora
Core 2). So far it's been a pretty pain-free experience -but- her audio
is a little messed up which I am hoping someone else has come across and
fixed because Google is failing me at the moment.

  She has an ASUS mainboard with an Athlon 800 CPU and a PCI SB Live!
sound card. The sound -works- in that the sound card detection plays the
test sound and she can play videos and music but she can't open the
mixer. When she tries to right-click on the volume control and select
"Open Volume Control" it prints the error: "Sorry, no mixer element
and/or devices found". This means that things like being able to mute,
mouse ver the volume control and adjust the volume with the mouse scroll
wheel and such doesn't work.

  Anyone seen this or might have a tip of where I should look? Thanks!!


PS - Sorry for particularly bad spelling and grammer, I am quite tired at
the moment and not really seeing straight. :p
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