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Tue Jul 13 02:14:39 UTC 2004

Henry Spencer wrote:
>  [ file unlinked but still open by a running process ]
> The file's directory entry is gone, but the file still exists.  It will
> cease to exist only when the descriptor is closed.  It no longer has a
> *name*, and there's no way it can acquire one, but the file itself is
> still there.  The write appears to succeed because it *did* succeed --
> the data was written successfully to the now-anonymous file.

On traditional Unix, I believe your options would be quite limited, but
I found some years ago on a Linux box on which somebody's misbegotten
log-rotation script had blown away the logfiles currently being written
by httpd, that I could copy the logs from /proc/NNNN/fd/XX, where NNNN
was httpd's pid and XX was the fd on which the log was open.

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