Damian Conway talks (last reminder) -- note new location!

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Tue Jul 13 00:53:53 UTC 2004

Hello again, everyone...

This is the final summary announcement regarding the Damian Conway free 
public Perl talks, to be given in Toronto beginning in less than a week. 
Authoritative information and expanded details regarding Damian's talks 
can be found at:


Note that one of the previously announced locations has changed.  (See 

Who is Damian?

Damian is a world-wide expert on the Perl programming language, the #2 
man in the Perl 6 design team, and an excellent, entertaining and 
mind-expanding public and technical speaker.  He is a fixture at IT and 
Perl conferences and tours the world to give free public talks about Perl.

Talk Details, Summarized

     'Perl 6 Update' -- the (semi) serious talk
     When:   Sat 17 July 2004, 4pm - 730pm
*** New Location ! ***
     Where:  Rm # 1105
             Sandford Fleming Building, 10 King's College Circle
                    (n. of College, 1/2 way between University and
             University of Toronto (downtown St. George campus)

     'Small Miracles' -- the (semi) insane talk
     When:   Mon 19 July 2004, 4pm - 730pm
     Where:  Rm # S1208
             Stephen E Quinlan Bldg., 70 The Pond Road
                    (w. of Keele, nearer to Finch than Steeles)
             Seneca @ York, York University campus


Donations are still gratefully accepted!  These help cover the costs of 
Damian's trip to Toronto and to provide a small honorarium for his 2 
talks in the city, to help him continue his excellent work for the Perl 
community.  See the above URL for details on how to donate.

Thanks for all your support, and I hope to see a lot of you there.  It 
should be great fun!

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