July TLUG meeting?

Robert Brockway robert-5LEc/6Zm6xCUd8a0hrldnti2O/JbrIOy at public.gmane.org
Sun Jul 11 22:48:21 UTC 2004

On Sun, 11 Jul 2004, Anthony de Boer wrote:

> Is there a speaker (or does that mean we get a Tilbrook special)?
> Or is two days before the meeting still much too early to panic?

Hmm... bit of a mess up on my part :(

There was a speaker but they had to pull out.  This apparently did not
trigger an interrupt on my part and I recently realised we were without a
speaker.  I had contacted a couple of people privately but they have not
got back to me.  At this stage we're looking at:

a) Drew using one of his emergency speeches.

b) Someone else doing an emergency speech.

c) A Q&A session/tutorial (actually very useful).

I was waiting until tommorrow to panic().

Thoughts, flames? :)


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