APIC on AMD Athlon 2500+ Broken?

Kareem Shehata kareem-d+8TeBu5bOew5LPnMra/2Q at public.gmane.org
Mon Jul 5 16:16:44 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 11:13, Lennart Sorensen wrote:
> In my experience, your best bet on the nforce2 chipset is to turn off
> the APIC in the bios, no matter what OS you run (it causes sound
> choppiness in XP for example, and yeah linux can lock up with it too).
> It seems not to matter which board maker it is, it seems to just be a
> not too reliable APIC implementation in an otherwise excelent chipset.
> Not as if the APIC is a big deal to have on a single cpu system.
> I have an A7N8X-E-DX at work, which is running great with 2.6 kernels,
> and I am 99% sure I turned of the APIC in the bios when we got the
> machine because I know what it did to XP on the A7N8X-DX boards.
> Lennart Sorensen

I think I once turned off APIC in the bios but left it compiled in the
kernel, and it still locked up.  Strange.  I think I'll stick with my
current kernel build since it seems to have everything working, and as
you said APIC isn't that big a deal.

Good to know about the XP stuff too.  I ran into that for a while, and
didn't know what was causing it.  If for some reason I need to use XP
for anything in the future this will come in handy.

Thanks again!


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