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Jing Su <jingsu-26n5VD7DAF2Tm46uYYfjYg at> writes:

> But computer science curriculums mainly (only?) push the Thread model
> when talking about concurrent execution.  I've met many people that have
> a hard time working with asynch event systems, which is too bad.  It's
> actually quite clean and simple once you get the gist of it.

There's a famous quote from Alan Cox which goes something like this:

    Threads are for programmers who don't understand state machines.
    Computers are state machines.

> I wonder what the software landscape would be like if curriculums started
> with ObjectiveC instead of Java, and moved on to concurrent asynch events
> instead of threads.

I'd like to see them teach two very different languages in parallel in the
first year, e.g. Java and Scheme.  I suppose you could argue ObjectiveC is
two very different languages rolled into one. :)

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