Formatting in C++ (fwd)

Greg Franks rgfranks-cmaem7PIVQT44Nm34jS7GywD8/FfD2ys at
Wed Dec 31 04:02:33 UTC 2003

>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Browne <cbbrowne-HInyCGIudOg at> writes:
    Christopher> Objective C is essentially C with an object system
    Christopher> that uses Smalltalk-like syntax.  _Incredibly_
    Christopher> simpler than C++'s object system; I would MUCH rather
    Christopher> write Objective C than C++...

I think if you can grok Java, you can handle Objective C.  The object
systems are the same.  Further, the same restrictions w.r.t. the types
int and char apply.  The only real gotcha is that Objective C's syntax
is a touch bizarre... 

[anObject elementsPerform:aMethod];

ie, it looks more like smalltalk.

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