Update: Data recovery emergency...

Madison Kelly linux-5ZoueyuiTZhBDgjK7y7TUQ at public.gmane.org
Tue Dec 30 21:41:17 UTC 2003

First and foremost; THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me out on 
this!! I decided yesterday to try "Stellar Pheonix Linux" which is a 
MS-based utility someone here (thank you!) that can attempt data 
recovery of ext2 and ext3 partitions. It discovered a little over 5,000 
files and then Win2k lost the drive entirely. At that, I decided it was 
time to send it to a data recovery house which I did today.

Given the value of the data I decided that I had reached the limit of my 
(with your help!) expertise. If interested, I will let you know how much 
(if any) data is saved.

Thank you all again!


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