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Mon Dec 29 02:38:49 UTC 2003

On Sunday, December 28, 2003, at 10:38 AM, Tom Legrady wrote:

> Ten years ago I worked in an office of 8 developers which used a Sparc 
> 10 with 32 MB ( or maybe 64 MB, I forget ) and 1 GB HD, driving a 
> bunch of NCD Xterminals. We were using vi & emacs and ruunning gcc all 
> day long
> Phillip Mills wrote:

>>  I certainly wouldn't be happy doing software development with 64MB 
>> on any of my systems, whether Linux, Mac, or MS.

...and I'd been writing code for four years before I saw a *mini* 
computer with a whole megabyte of main memory.  (It tended to bog down 
when it hit about a dozen concurrent Fortran compiles.)  I didn't say 
it was impossible, just that I wouldn't be happy.  :-)

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