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Sat Dec 27 16:05:03 UTC 2003

On Saturday, December 27, 2003, at 09:59 AM, Robert McDonald wrote:

> I had put up a wiki for TLUG to use for the purpose of putting 
> together a
> proposal for the city of Toronto and a total of 1 ( ONE ) user was 
> able ( or
> willing ) to log in to it.

I'm interested and I'm reasonably capable when it comes to writing a 
few sentences, a letter, what have you....

On the tech side, I'm a developer.  It's been many years since I did 
system administration or configuration for anyone but myself...and back 
then it wasn't usually Linux.  Point being, others seemed just as 
motivated...and I'd trust some one else to do show-and-tell about a 
major plan for OS migration and conversion rather than myself.  (I'd be 
more likely to get onto the subject of migrating your server 
applications to a JBoss/PostgreSQL environment.)

During the earlier discussion, I remember someone mentioning political 
contacts on Council.  Having that leverage sounded like a better idea 
than blindly searching for someone who would consider a cold-call 
proposal.  But if those contacts aren't interested, the name of an 
acting IT head is in the Globe article.

Anyone feel like proposing an actual plan of attack we can all throw 
darts at?  :-)

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