Iptables logging under Debian

Terrence Enger tenger-ew0EfhANLmVEfu+5ix1nRw at public.gmane.org
Sat Dec 27 05:49:07 UTC 2003

At 00:21 2003-12-27 -0500, Terrence Enger wrote:
>At 23:40 2003-12-26 -0500, Walter Dnes wrote:
>> If
>> I'm trying to do anything while connected, I see a message each time I
>> get a suspicious hit.  I do want to log them, but only to file, not to
>> console.  I'm using log-level 6, like so...
>I think you want --log-level info.  Then the messages go to,
>for example, /var/log/messages.

Whoops, belay that answer.  info is 6.

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