urpmi and apt-get

Merv Curley mervc-MwcKTmeKVNQ at public.gmane.org
Thu Dec 25 20:34:11 UTC 2003

On December 25, 2003 10:12 am, JoeHill wrote:

> If you mean GUI config tools, I don't really use all those GUI tools that
> come with Mandrake anyway, I'm much more comfy at the CLI with
> configuration, so I can see what's going on in detail. The main thing I'm
> looking for is great package management and stability. I miss the old MDK
> 9.1 days, uptimes of 2 weeks or more were not unheard of... :-(

Well if you would like to try a Debian system,  there is an outfit in 
Vancouver, Canada who have added a few tools of their own and sell a Deb 
system that is a mixture of stable and unstable branches.  This computer 
has gone 2 months uptime and then rebooted cuz I did something stupid.

Apt-get can frustrate at first but it does a very good job at handling all 
dependencies.  Libranet supplies a utility that does a kernel upgrade and 
all the updating of grub etc.  Debian is known for stability if you stay 
with programs in the stable branch.  Not many of us do,  gotta have the 
latest and greatest. 

The last version is free but outdated now.  The current is priced less than 
Mandrake.  Take a look a libranet.com.  


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