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David J Patrick davidjpatrick-rieW9WUcm8FFJ04o6PK0Fg at public.gmane.org
Mon Dec 22 04:25:28 UTC 2003

Walter Dnes wrote:

>On Sun, Dec 21, 2003 at 01:08:44PM -0500, David J Patrick wrote
>>>You might want to read "Voodoo Science" by Dr. Robert Park or "A Demon 
>>>Haunted World", by Carl Sagan for further info.
>>I think the practice you are slagging is actually "homeopathy".  Yes,
>>microdoses sound downright improbable, but I have to say that I have
>>seen it used successfully countless times over the last 30 years.
>>Just because we don't understand something doesn't always mean
>>it's bogus.
>  OK, here's a scientifically verifiable experiment.
>  Equipment
>  =========
>  - 1 eye-dropper
>  - 1 stirring rod
>  - 2 shot glasses
>  - 2 1-imperial-gallon glass containers
>  - pour 1 imperial gallon of distilled water into 1 of the containers.
>  - pour 6 26-ers of 100-proof whisky into the 2nd container.
>  - take eye-dropper, grab 1 drop from the whisky container, and deposit
>    it into the distilled water
>  - stir the distilled water, and 1 drop of whisky, thoroughly
>  Now comes the fun part.  I'll drink 1 shot-glass of the distilled
>water, with very dilute whisky.  You drink 1 shot-glass of the 100-proof
>whiskey.  Repeat every 30 seconds.  Last one standing wins.  Since
>you're convinced that micro-doses are supposed to be so much more
>powerful, you'll surely take me up on the bet.  And after you win the
>challenge, your next logical step will be to lobby to get the current
>alcohol tests for drunk-driving reversed, because the weaker the dosage,
>the stronger the effect.
you _funny_ !
I thought you were actually going somewhere with that !

I read an intriguing book by *Richard** Mackarness that connected 
allergy and addiction.
Perhaps amusingly, in your example the chap who drank the 100 proof,
 would only be fueling an alcoholic cycle, and the microdose recipe you 
might even prove the key to breaking that cycle !
The book (a little of what you fancy) makes an interesting case.
Much better that my current ramblings.

so laugh all you want, but microdoses have their applications,
you whiskey drinking wicked, wicked man !

    and anyway; SHOW ME THE PENGUIN !
have you forgotten that linux and all of the sisters sacred open source 

a tangent from wayyyyyyyy off off topic,
pass the whiskey
sheesh !

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