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Although I know there have been numerous clinical trials done on the 
advantages of taking vitamin/mineral supplements, I don't have any to 
quote right now.  This is just out of personal experience and that of 
other people:

After starting to take supplements, people feel less tired.  Sometimes I 
forget to take them for a few weeks, and then I start to feel very tired 
after 6.5 hours of sleep.  When I start taking the supplements again, I 
start to feel less tired after a few days with the same hectic schedule.

Also, the combination of Vitamin C and Echinacea  supplements work very 
well to guard against the flu and common cold.  Again, it's just 
personal experience and that of others.

Like any other kind of treatment, it may work for some but not others. 
Mostly it's for people who don't get enough natural vitamins in their 
diet.  If I remember correctly, humans have to eat somewhere around two 
or three heads of garlic, four oranges, some crazy amount of carrots, 
cabbage, etc. every day to get the recomended amount of vitamins.  How 
many people actually eat such amounts?  Not many.  Why?  Because we 
don't have the time, or we don't like to eat that stuff.  Supplements 
are simply meant to *supplement* our daily diet.

We don't have to argue about the importance of vitamins and minerals, do we?

Actually, if you want expert opinion, here are two articles from the 
Journal of the American Medical Association:

1. Fairfield, KM and Fletcher, RH. Vitamins for Chronic Disease 
Prevention in Adults: Scientific Review JAMA. 2002. 287:3116-3126.

2. Fletcher, RH and Fairfield, KM. Vitamins for Chronic Disease 
Prevention in Adults: Clinical Applications JAMA. 2002. 287:3127-3129.


James Knott wrote:
> Anton Markov wrote:
>> David J Patrick wrote:
>>> Ya want calcium ? Eat spinach.
>> Or take Vitamin/Mineral supplements.
>> I have been taking a combination of Vitamin and Mineral supplements 
>> for the past four years, and I can say from personal experience (and 
>> that of everyone else who I know takes them) that they work.  I am not 
>> talking about the cheap stuff you get at the local Shoppers Drug Mart; 
>> I buy Nutrilite products.
> How do you know they work?

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