LF smaller distro to use as foundation to build a custom server onto

Teddy Mills teddymills-VFlxZYho3OA at public.gmane.org
Sun Dec 21 05:53:08 UTC 2003

I guess the subject says it all.
Im looking for a smaller distro to use as a foundation to build a custom
server onto.

3 Requirements

1) Open source friendly
 I will be using all opens-source tars.  To compile all that source, it
should have a current GCC, programmers development and libraries.

2) Small footprint of 200 to 400MB  (no need for X-Windows, but I'll take it
if everythings not too bloated)
  I know theres lots of distros out there. I figure there's got to be a mini
distro of about ~200-~400MB that will fit the bill.

3) Ease of use
There are some like the Linux from Scratch that will require serious amounts
of work.  I want a base to work from.
Not build the base itself.

Please reply here with your recommendations.
Thanks TLUG!


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