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>Hugh Reilly wrote:
>>Has anyone out there heard of the "zapper", invented by Saskatchewan 
>>naturopathic doctor and celll biologist Hulda Clark? She claims that 
>>disease-causing bacteria and viruses in the body can be killed by 
>>low-level radio frequencies. The zapper delivers that frequency to the 
>>body, and has been claimed by some to actually cure AIDS.
>If that's all it takes, we're all going to be fine.  We're constantly 
>bathed in RF from many sources.  The above claim, indicates she's a fraud.

No it doesn't. The science behind it is, of course, more complex than you 
could have known from my post. What I find interesting is that that didn't 
stop you from jumping to conclusions.

>>I have been experimenting myself with the device, having built several 
>>over the past couple of years. And I have to say, with very positive 
>>results. And I am NOT getting a flu shot!
>How do you know you've had positive results?  Did you run a full study, 
>with several participant, including a control group?  If not, all you've 
>got is a delusion.  I could claim that eating pizza & beer prevents 
>disease.  After all, I've had lots of both and rarely get sick (only one 
>sick day in 21 years, with one employer).

I don't need to employ the scientific method to prove something to myself. 
Neither do you, unless you don't trust yourself. If pizza and beer works for 
you, who am I to argue?

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