Wiring for data in houses

Keith Mastin kmastin-PzQIwG9Jn9VAFePFGvp55w at public.gmane.org
Fri Dec 19 22:41:22 UTC 2003

> Hello everyone,
> This is only loosely related to Linux, but it is certainly related to
> home networking in Ontario.
> I'm looking for some of the "offical" information about how to wire data
> wiring in houses legally.  I know, every guide says use plenum-rated
> wire, and I know there are tricks to prevent interference etc.  But what
> I really want is just the authoritative information about what the
> requirements are in Ontario.  Is it really that simple?  I'd hate to
> wire it up only to have somebody need to rip it out in the future as a
> fire hazard.

You really have to consult the fire marshall or the building inspector's
office on this. AFAIK plenum cable is only necessary if you are breaching
a "fire barrier".

If you are gutting the interior walls of the house, you may want to string
conduits to plan for  future use at the same time.

We've been stringing cable for a couple years, and have been told the
rules but have yet to be referred to any documentation on it. Since
there's no electrical load, the consensus has been to use plenum when
breaching a fire barriar or going between floors, and outdoor cable if
slinging alongside the building for those hard to reach drops.

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