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Taavi Burns taavi-LbuTpDkqzNzXI80/IeQp7B2eb7JE58TQ at public.gmane.org
Fri Dec 19 21:07:41 UTC 2003

On Fri, Dec 19, 2003 at 03:00:44PM -0500, Anton Markov wrote:
> Also, you have to use the SCSI emulation for it by passing the following 
> to the
> kernel (do this before the scanbus) where (x) is the IDE bus position of 
> the drive:

cdrecord 2.0 with kernel something like 2.4.19 (I can't remember which
exactly, but some time in the late 2.4 series) can burn quite happily
using just the IDE driver.  Your commandline starts to look something
like this (yes, I have but one IDE channel, so hdb is my burner):
cdrecord dev=ATAPI:/dev/hdb speed=24 image.iso

I installed XCDRoast the other day.  I'm not sure if I put the ATAPI
configuration bit in a magic file somewhere months ago, or if it was smart
enough to see the IDE burner for what it was.  It "just worked".

Next I'd like to see cdrdao have ATAPI support, though I haven't
caught myself wanting to burn any VCDs lately


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