DVD Burning and Viewing

Anton Markov anton-F0u+EriZ6ihBDgjK7y7TUQ at public.gmane.org
Fri Dec 19 20:00:44 UTC 2003

Hi John,

Try using:

cdrecord -scanbus

and post the output.  It should detect your writer and tell you the bus 
it is on.

Also, you have to use the SCSI emulation for it by passing the following 
to the
kernel (do this before the scanbus) where (x) is the IDE bus position of 
the drive:


Try using XCDRoast as the burning tool.  As far as burning DVD movies 
and stuff,
I think you have to create an image of the video first using some 
special tools
(similar to those used for SVCDs, and then burn them.  I don't think 
cares about what you burn and what you burn it to, as long as you have a 
disk image to burn.

Tell us what you find.


John Myshrall wrote:

>Yesterday I installed a Sony DVD Burner and Sony DVD ROM. Both drives
>were detected. 
>My initial attempts with viewing a movie resulted in crashes on Xine and
>Ogle. I did try to run Ogle from the command line in an x terminal as
>suggested in a goolge search. 
>In regards to burning. I know K3B is pretty good as is CDrecord from the
>command line. Any other suggestions ?
>Both of these drives also serve as CDR-RW and CDROM. I'm thinking that I
>need to ID the drives as DVD's also. Am I on the right track ?
>This system consists of an XP 1800, 512 MB memory, GF MX2-400 64 MB Video
>card so horsepower is not a problem. I running Debian as a distro.
>Any help would be appreciated. 
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